There are some classy newsletter and brochure templates in Pages. Explore these. Double click to replace the text with your own. Add your own photos.
Make sure you are pretty familiar with formatting text and adding photos before you get too fancy with these templates. The columns and sections get a little tricky here. We'll try to add some tutorials on that soon.

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Ideas for Using Brochures & Newsletters:
  • Weekly Class Newsletter- this is a template of a very simplistic newsletter. The background is a cork board with sticky notes informing parents or students what is happening in each subject for the week.
  • Ask your students to present a book project on a newsletter or brochure.
  • Use the brochure for an assessment on a Social Studies unit. Summarize an historical period, add a timeline of events, explain how the settlement survived, etc.
  • Newsletter - inform parents of the units you'll be studying throughout the year. Parents like to know what they can expect their child to learn.
  • Introduce a literature unit (or any other UbD) to your students.
  • Classroom procedures at the beginning of the year can be included in a newsletter.
  • Have students create a brochure at the end of a math unit. This could include their KWL chart. They should reflect on the concepts and apply them to real life.