Adding Audio

This is really the same process as adding photos to a Pages document. Click on the Media BrowserPicture_11.png and choose audio. Find an audio file you'd like to include in your document and drag it onto the page. That's all there is to it!
Now, you may not have the right audio file you'd like to add. Maybe you have a student who needs to hear you give the directions or to have a little prompting. In GarageBand you can make your recording. Send it out to iTunes when you're all finished. Now you'll be able to follow the directions above to insert it into your document.


Here's a cool feature built into Pages! You'll want your students to wear headphones though! Highlight some text in Pages. While the text is highlighted, right click on it. Scroll down to 'Speech' and choose 'Start Speaking.' If you don't like the voice, go to your System Preferences under the Apple and choose Speech. On the Speech to Text Tab change the voice. I kind of like the voice of Alex. Now play your text again.

Can you think of WHY you would want audio on a word processing document? Here are some ideas:
  • A student might write a report for science or social studies. The student could use Garage Band to record himself reading his report. Save the file to iTunes. Insert the iTunes file right into the Pages document.
  • Students might write about famous people (ex. John Kennedy). Add a photo of that person, some text, and add an audio speech by that person.
  • Students could sing their ABC's into Garage Band then save it to iTunes. The audio file can then be inserted in a Pages document with the letters of the alphabet.
  • Find sounds of animals on the Internet. Match the sounds with the photos.
  • An electronic handout: the teacher could record the directions for an activity in Garage Band and insert them into Pages. The teacher can drop the handout in the public folder for each of the students to access. The student can read the directions and listen to them.
  • Add the song "Yankee Doodle" to an historical assignment.